[NAFEX] Fireblight ?(was "They are predicting lows of 21 F for Friday night")

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 14:51:14 EDT 2007

I didn't find info on which pears & apples are more/less susc to Pseudomonas, but I
found lots of reading (internet) on signs & symptoms.  What I saw on my pear, the
blackening was more a flagging than the classic shepherd's crook; and no ooze at the
infection margin, like you'd expect w/ FB-- those were what kept me researching. 
One sypmtom I noticed but wasn't in the literature, is the infection margin smells
sickly sweet.  Helpful for pruning it out, because if you are lazy and don't
sterilize your tool between EACH cut, you at least know to sterilize after a cut
which smells sweet!

--- Stefan Brandle <> wrote:

>  > SB, are you sure the infection after the freeze was fireblight? One 
> spring after a frosty cold wet bloom season, my trees ended up w/ 
> something like FB but I did some research and decided it was Pseudomonas 
> blossom-blast. I never took a sample to a plant pathology lab (it was 
> alarming only on one old pear tree), but I will probably have more 
> chances in the future.
> Good question: it had the blackening, the shepherds crook, etc. And it 
> was killing of the bartlett pear trees at a pretty good clip. It also 
> hit the jonathan much harder than the red delicious (which I am getting 
> ready to regraft to something that I care for) and the lodi. I didn't 
> take pictures, but what I saw on google images seemed to match up. So I 
> think that it was fireblight, but I didn't have it checked and so I 
> guess that I don't know for sure.
> -- sb

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