[NAFEX] To propagate Prunus Serotina

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Last year I did some summer grafting of tart cherry.  As you say, who knows
if it will apply to Prunus Serotina, but I had very good luck with the
summer grafting tart cherry (with one caveate).  I grafted the cherry tree
at four different places (when you're such a poor wood wittler as I, volume
is key).  Anyway all four grafts took.  But........I'm still waiting this
spring for the buds to start growing.  The other buds on the cherry tree are
showing green, but nothing on the grafted buds.

I grafted the tree with very fresh wood (collected and grafted same day) in
July or August.  I did a couple chip grafts, one T- bud type, and one bark
graft (a kind of modified bark graft).  It was 90F plus weather.  The peach
grafts I did at that time died, but the cherry grafts took.

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Prunus Serotina is the cherry from which cherry furniture is made - it bears
a dark red or black cherry in racemes - the flavor is reminiscent of the
Luden's black cherry cough drops - saw the fresh logs and an intense almond
smell occurs.  It's a unique flavor, but its rare to find one bearing heavy,
though in Massachusetts the Prunus Serotina seedlings grow everywhere.   In
1999 I found a good strain in the town of Harvard, Massachusetts and in
particular a 7' seedling at the edge of an apple orchard just loaded.   I
grafted it away but I only ever had one graft take, a saddle graft.  Now
I've got to graft it away again as that property where I grafted it to is to
be sold this year.  So I cut some scionwood and away we go again.  I only
tried saddle grafts before and I started chip budding yesterday.   I've got
some Doc Farwell's grafting seal and other wraps and will try various.
1]Does anyone know what temperature Prunus Serotina heals best at?
2] Professor Elwyn Meador grafted the central american form of Prunus
Serotina and finding it especially hard used a rooting hormone to achieve
the graft.  Anyone know more about that?  Any information about using
rooting hormones on hard-to-graft materials?
3] the word I hear on cherries is do them early; of course this cherry isn't
grafted often so who knows what typical cherry advice has to do with this
Charlie Paradise

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