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Before you jump, be careful. See the following:



On 4/1/07, Dr. Chiranjit Parmar <parmarch at sancharnet.in> wrote:
>  You can boil and use extract from stevia leaves.  However, it is better
> to make a powder of the leaves and then use this powder as a sugar
> substitute.  It is 30-325 times sweeter than sugar.  The powder has its own
> smell but that is NOT bad and becomes acceptable after some days.
> I have been using this powder.
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> I have the Miracle fruit, and I agree that the substance inside it will
> block the sour taste. The fruit by itself is not really sweet, nor tasty. I
> gave a friend who's a doctor the miracle fruit, and wanted to try it with
> his patient. This patient can't taste sugar, sweets may taste salty for him,
> but it didn't change that affect on him.
> Artichokes leaves and heart if eaten, will sweeten the taste of water for
> few minutes. Stevia however, is very sweet, I was wondering if I can boil it
> and use the sweetened water in recipes.
> Bass samaan
> zone 6, pa
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