[NAFEX] Squirrels make me very angry

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Sat Sep 30 09:14:25 EDT 2006

I'm growing few tropical fruits in containers here in Pa. One of the
trees, Sugar apple "Annona Squamosa", had bloomed for the past 2 years. I
polinated it by hand to get it to set fruits. Last year it had 4 fruits,
I didn't get to taste any. This year I was lucky to get 1 fruit to set.
So I cared so much for it making sure the thieves don't get it. I kept it
in the greenhouse. The day I decided to go pick it, I saw the squirrel
leaving my greenhouse, and no fruit was on the tree. I haven't had any
peaches or apples for the past 5 years they've produced.

I"m sure many can share similiar stories. My 2 neighbors have trapped 120
squirrels in 1 year, and they took them about 4 miles away and set them
out by the river. A year later we have the same population of squirrels.


Bethlehem, pa

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