[NAFEX] Getting Sick from Wild Mushrooms

Michael Dossett phainopepla at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 29 16:33:57 EDT 2006

Digestive problems from eating too many mushrooms can
also be due to the fact that their cell walls are made
of chitin and not cellulose like plants.  While our
bodies have enzymes that break down cellulose, the
human digestive system does not produce chitinase to
break down the chitin.  Thus if you've got enough of
it in your gut it can make you sick.  Particularly if
you don't eat mushrooms on a regular basis as then
there isn't the right bacteria in your gut to do that
job for you either.


--- Donna &/or Kieran <holycow at cookeville.com> wrote:

> Mushroom experts tend to talk about mushrooms not
> being very digestible.  As 
> we age we tend to make less stomach acid for
> digesting protein, and so the 
> pH meter on the pancreas doesn't tell it to dump as
> much of it's 
> enzyme-containing buffering solution.  In general
> Americans seem to be aging 
> and developing degenerative diseases earlier than
> they should, probably due 
> to the diet being so poor in minerals and vitamins. 
> At work we have a place 
> on the intake form for people to list their
> medications, illnesses or rather 
> more like their degenerative conditions as they
> aren't contagious.  I have 
> celiac disease, which causes malabsorption, so I
> used to be a lot more like 
> these people before I quit eating wheat.  It was
> like I was on a very poor 
> diet!    Donna 
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