[NAFEX] Raccoon problem - the tasty solution with a bonus squirrelrecipe...

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Fri Sep 29 14:08:52 EDT 2006

I fed them.  I put bowls of feed out for theme every night, and they, in
turn, left my garden alone.  

I've posted that before.  I was at first afraid that it would attract more
critters, but I don't think the immediately local ones wanted to advertise
their trove.  I grew clover for the deer, bought mixed feed for the
raccoons.  With birds, I needed both a bird feeder and bird-scarer-away
things in the trees.  I also planted trees the birds preferred.  They left
my yellow blush cherries alone because they preferred the bright red pin
cherries.  The Waxwings preferred pyracantha to any other berries we grew.
I suppose the general rule with the fruit-eating birds was to plant berries
for them that were redder than what we planted for ourselves or market.  Red
strawberries and raspberries still needed netting, but none of the purple or
yellow fruits.  

I know this is what I need to do with the squirrels - give them a feeder
when they begin pressuring whatever it is I'm trying to grow, and
withdrawing the feeder the rest of the year.  

They ate most of the tiny green pomegranates, and have decided that small
green oranges aren't quite good enough to eat, but are worth biting into and

~ Stephen

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How does one handle a raccon problem?

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