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One problem most people aren't aware of is that raccoons get distemper 
and can spread it to pets.  We have had a number of our farm cats die 
of it, or something like it, and whenever that happens, the local 'coon 
population takes a nosedive, too. It has happened this year and there 
are very few signs of 'coons this fall.
-Lon Rombough
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On Sep 29, 2006, at 8:47 AM, Donna &/or Kieran wrote:

Our coon problem was always in the corn, seeing as apple trees wont' 
grow in our soil...  There was a coon population explosion about 8 
years ago, we didn't hear a bobwhite for 5 years afterward.  There were 
dead coons all over the roads all winter.  This fall the dead coons are 
just starting to appear on the roads, but they are pretty thick.  Our 
dogs mostly chase away the deer and rabbits, but I'm sure that coons 
are more than they want to tackle.   However, I'd bet a pair of young 
Jack Russells would torment about any varmint till it left.  If they 
got too slow, they are easy to give away.  People have trouble dealing 
with them their first two years because they are too hyper.  I knew 
someone who had some Jack Russell crossed puppies, when they grew up 
they would kill anything.  Killed a full grown sheep of his and I know 
he wound up having to shoot the worst of the lot.  He said back in 
Europe that terrier crosses were called "Lurchers".  I don't know what 
it means, but I think they get the terrier fierceness and hyperactivity 
in a larger body.    Donna
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