[NAFEX] Enough of the killing

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I have found sweets to be a good bait, anything from fruit to marshmallows.  
Fish & meat baits tend to attract cats instead.

I wish I had advice for repelling raccoons-- not just from a garden or 
orchard plot but also from a larger area.  But they are too good at finding 
any useable den- or sleeping-site, and so good at living near people while 
avoiding human activity.

One benificial thing is, I believe they eat a lot of slugs.  I see more 
raccoon tracks in a garden when slug populations are high.

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     Best way to handle racoon problems that I know of is to bait a
Have-a-Heart trap with come canned tuna or other fish and the apply a .22.  
If the
racoon is in a group others may overturn the trap and try like crazy to free 
trapped animal. I've set traps in the evening and the next morining the bait 
gone, the trap is overturned and there is evidence that an animal was 
  I assumed it was a racoon because these incidents occurred about the time 
eventually caught a racoon in the trap.  I don't know if lacing the tuna 
vermin poison works.  I have caught a couple when the trap was baited with
peanut butter, but I was intending to catch squirrels. Racoons are smart and
vicious and decimate an orchard.  I would be anxious to hear how others 
their problem with racoons.

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