[NAFEX] Jujube in zone 6

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Fri Sep 29 07:42:04 EDT 2006

I've been growing Li jujube in ground for the past 2-3 years. It has been
blooming in the past years but have not got any fruits on it. So early
this spring I grafted 2 other varieties into it. I was surprised to see
how much fruits I got this year. Pollination diffinitly made a
difference. I noticed that the branches closer to the new grafts have
fruited more than others. Some of the Li jujubes are the size of a small
apple. This week they are ripenning. I would recommend this variety for
colder climates, it seems to ripen early.

Was anyone successful with fruiting Li by itself?


Bethlehem, pa, zone 6

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