[NAFEX] stiff squirrels

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Wed Sep 27 15:17:24 EDT 2006

Naomi sez:

"If you used the chemicals they use on the schedule the use ..you could have 
beautiful fruit also."

And talk about killing things; "Let me count the ways--" We still don't know 
what pesticides won't eventually kill.

Some pharmacies/chemists used to carry Plaster of Paris.  I think I saw some 
in CVS not long ago.

Off topic: I set a patient's broken arm one time with a paste made of plain 
white wheat flour and water-soaked newspapers (paper-mache) due to my POP 
having set up due to high tropical humidity and the nearest source for it 
was over 300 miles away.  It worked fine, but couldn't allow getting it wet. 
I have since quit eating white bread.

Doc Lisenby

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