[NAFEX] stiff squirrels

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Tue Sep 26 21:09:42 EDT 2006

Seeing as how the plaster is mixed half and half with oily peanut
butter I'm going to agree with Lucky Pittman that it probably doesn't
really set up in their guts.  It would be an easy experiment to try. 
Take one of the finished plaster/peanut butter balls and mix it with
the requisite amount of water.  I'm pretty sure it won't actually set


Quoting fuwa fuwa usagi <fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com>:

> It was written:
> I think I'd much prefer the quick shot than have animals die in
> agony, 
> then get eaten by numerous other animals thus transferring this
> problem 
> through the food web.
> My reply:
> I would too, but many city's have strict rules regarding hunting
> varmints, even though you a "free" to poison rodents(which
> squirrels are).    My neighbors groused about my nailing them with
> my blowgun, and griped abut my wrist rocket, and then griped about
> my electrocuting the darn things...so...stiff little intestines it
> is. 
> However I doubt this would work up the food chain.  I believe it is
> an issue of "volume" and once the plaster absorbs what it is going
> to absorb it becomes inert.
> tfb
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