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Tue Sep 26 09:56:38 EDT 2006

I just listened via cassette recording to 
Prodigal Summer
by Barbara Kingsolver, published 2000 available from www.recordedbooks.com

entirely set in rural U.S.A., its unusual fiction dealing entirely with rural 
issues such as the difficulty of achieving adequate farm income, the return 
of larger predators to the environment such as coyotes, tobacco vs. food crops, 
farm inheritance, one major character is actually breeding blight-resistant 
chestnuts by hybridizing american chestnuts!   A major strife is between the 
chesnut hybridizer, who uses pesticides against his neighbor, who is organic in 
her growing techniques, a familiar strife between neighbors many of us have 
personally experienced!   But their mutual interest in growing things help 
overcome their conflicts.   In fact, all of the relationships in the novel have 
serious environmental conflicts, and the conflicts are usually overcome by the 
interest of all involved in agriculture, land, and nature.   

It's nice to be entertained by subjects that are real instead of just typical 
who-killed-who-this-week books.
Charlie Paradise, Massachusetts
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