[NAFEX] Was Selling Pawpaws, now Pawpaw Yields

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> Jerry,
>  We have sold pawpaws for $1 each in local markets, and sold whatever we 
> brought.  Don't know if that price would hold week after week, but we've sold 
> out the few times we did so.
>  Chris Chmiel with Integration Acres joked several years back that if one 
> cannot get $2/lb locally, he will buy it from you for that price if you can get 
> them to him.  He's a reseller, still at a profit.
>  So I'm curious what your market will bear.  At least $1 each eliminates our 
> need for a scale.  We did do 50 cents each for the real small ones, and 
> moved those, too.
> Many locals here claim pawpaws are not fit to eat until the skin is brown.  
> But at that oxidized (often rancid) state, many who eat them once and will 
> not try them again.  Glad you are offering a choice of ripenesses, and that 
> those tasters put off by the very ripe fruit can try some less ripe.        

Hi Richard,

Yes, I knew Chris is selling them for $1.00 each. But I believe that is a the 
pawpaw festival. Better publicity there. Larger audience also attending the 
festival.  This is a small market open only Sat mornings. Rather sell all than 
taking half back home. 

Thanks for your input.

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