[NAFEX] Was Selling Pawpaws, now Pawpaw Yields

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 21:03:21 EDT 2006

At the east end of TN, we are having equal to or our best pawpaw crop ever.
Have been giving buckets and buckets away, making ice cream, pudding, etc.
Native trees near a favored swimming hole had fruit two weekends ago.
Trees planted near Marion, NC had their first crop there this year, a good
one according to the owner.
So my data points are all positive.  Have not been out beating the bushes so
could be isolated failures here, but have not seen it.

We have sold pawpaws for $1 each in local markets, and sold whatever we
brought.  Don't know if that price would hold week after week, but we've
sold out the few times we did so.
Chris Chmiel with Integration Acres joked several years back that if one
cannot get $2/lb locally, he will buy it from you for that price if you can
get them to him.  He's a reseller, still at a profit.
So I'm curious what your market will bear.  At least $1 each eliminates our
need for a scale.  We did do 50 cents each for the real small ones, and
moved those, too.

Many locals here claim pawpaws are not fit to eat until the skin is brown.
But at that oxidized (often rancid) state, many who eat them once and will
not try them again.  Glad you are offering a choice of ripenesses, and that
those tasters put off by the very ripe fruit can try some less ripe.

Richard Moyer
East TN

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> >Our pawpaw crop this year is the best ever.
> Our pawpaw crop is probably the worst ever. Wild pawpaws are probably the
> most common understory plant around here, and usually start to drop abundant
> fruit about this time each year. This year, I have seen one single fruit
> among hundreds of trees along our road. Usually, the fruits drop onto the
> pavement and splat, often covering sections of road with pawpaw mush. I
> noticed large numbers of flowers on the trees this past spring, so there
> must have been a problem with pollinators. Anyone else notice a lack of
> pawpaws?
> Hal
> zn 6b, TN
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