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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Mon Sep 25 16:47:59 EDT 2006

At one time, the streets of Salem, Oregon were lined with English 
Walnut trees.  As a child I often gathered buckets of them to dry so 
that we could send them to eastern relatives who had none.  On October 
12, 1962 a freak hurricane took out virtually all the trees, and in 44 
years none have been replanted.  No one knows what to do with them, or 
even cares.
It's sad, but fruit or nuts as street trees are ignored by the public.
-Lon Rombough
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On Sep 25, 2006, at 12:58 PM, John McCuan wrote:

  A number of years ago I was in Leipzig, Germany (in the former East 
Germany).  Along one street some huge trees (18-24 inches in diameter) 
were dropping little red drupes all over the sidewalk, street, etc.   
Initially I didn't know what they were, but ventured a taste and they 
were delicious!  I at last guessed they were mulberries.

  Unfortunately, the trees were so tall it was impossible to pick the 
fruit without a tall ladder, and since the dropped fruit fell on the 
sidewalks and streets it got trodden under feet and wheels.  I never 
saw anyone pick any.

  Right now, however, the region is fairly prosperous, and people can 
buy food at the market.  During the socialist regime, however, food was 
in shorter supply and I expect the mulberries were consumed then.  
There is a long tradition of urban gardens in Germany (Scheber gardens) 
and under the GDR those gardens were a significant source of fresh 
vegetables for urban dwellers.

  Also, during WW II England relied heavily on rose hips as a source of 
Vitamin C.  Urban landscapers (and suburban, too)  could view fruit 
plantings as a sort of "insurance policy" for a source of nutrients in 
case shortages did arise, though of course it would be best if the 
fruit were continually appreciated and consumed.

  Melinda McCuan

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