[NAFEX] Squirrels & deer

Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Mon Sep 25 12:37:43 EDT 2006

<p>Around here, the more mechanically gifted opportunistic diners troll with sets of bedsprings.  Just tie them to the back of your pick-um-up truck and drive down the shoulder of the road.  Pick  the species of choice out of the springs when you get home or just throw the whole she-bang onto the bonfire when you get home and roast them all.</p><p>-Joe</p><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; At 10:30 AM 9/25/2006, Barry wrote: &gt; &gt;For those of you who cull them, but don't eat them, don't overlook local &gt; &gt;wildlife rehab facilities that rehab hawks, eagles, owls, etc. A friend &gt; &gt;once spent 3 months culling them from his orchard and freezing them. A &gt; &gt;local rehabber was happy to get the feed. &gt; &gt; Good point. &gt; We ran a raptor rehab center here at the lab for years, and I was &gt; always on the lookout for roadkill squirrels, rabbits, and even small &gt; opossums, to be fed to the birds. Stopping to pick up roadkill &gt; critters mortified my kids even more than !
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