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Hello all: 
     Squirrels are one of the biggest pains ever invented.  I fight a 
constant battle against them every year.  Despite a resident hawk who takes care of 
several every year, I end up using a have a heart trap to capture them (peanut 
butter bait), and a bb gun to dispose of them.  I put them down nearby ground 
hog holes to try to encourage the resident groundhogs to relocate, preferably 
away from t he woods that border my orchard.  Squirrels can strip a peach or  
apple tree in a couple days. They seem to prefer the peaches after skin color 
changes but before the peaches are ripe.  They like sweeter apple varieties 
like gala early in the apple ripening cycle, but will go after just about 
     I originally tried to relocate the squirrels but was cautioned against 
doing that-they can travel several miles back to their "home", i.e., my 
orchard, and moving them just causes someone else a problem.
     I put groundhogs, possums, skunks and raccoons in the same category as 
squirrels.  It's a never ending battle to keep them from butchering up fruit as 

                                                    Chris Patterson Zone 6 SE 

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