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Mon Sep 25 10:02:55 EDT 2006

To those of you who are indeed fortunate enough to have the lack of  squirrel 
and bird predation.....even with dogs and cats....don't be smug.   This could 
happen in your area.
We have Most folks feeding birds with seed just outside  their breakfast 
windows...and when this is done over many years and by most  people you end up 
with a population explosion.
You cannot imagine the bird population as well as the squirrel and deer we  
have per acre in our area.
Despite dogs, cats, hawks by the dozens we progress toward a time when no  
gardening will be successful in our neck of the woods.  We have enough  coyotes 
to menace the locals as well, yet the imbalance worsens.  We have  lyme 
disease due to the ticks that feed off the local animals....all because we  have too 
much everything.
I just lost many bushels of apples, pears, peaches to the varmints despite  
nets, traps etc.
Pray you don't find yourselves in this sad condition because bambi  rules.
Karl Olson,   SW CT
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