[NAFEX] Those dastardly furry rats....

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Sun Sep 24 23:01:09 EDT 2006

It was written:

I have a small pear tree that had a dozen or so pears this year...I 
tried bagging them with lunch bags but the squirells shredded them. Is 
there any feasible way to protect the pears from these pests???
E. C. Pasour, jr.

My reply:

Stumbled on to this the other year....actually forgot about it as it was so easy until the furry rats stripped my Harvest Queen of most of its fruit.  

In the past I tried netting...and the little %#&#& would simply chew holes, like you they shredded the bags...then I came across this.

Simply lay balled up netting underneath the tree so it does not lay flat on the ground.  I was shocked...it stops possums, raccoons and the tree rats.  A few try to brave it by leaping in the trees, but all I can say is I got full loads of Harrow Sweet and Potomac this way where as my Harvest Queen crop was virtually annihilated.   The idea is to make it disconcerting for them to set their feet down.  You need to fluff up(pun interntional) the netting every few days, but at least around here it works well.

Other than that, a squirrel raised on pear is probably tasty.  I would consider them part of the banquet the Lord spreads before me. 

the fluffy bunny

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