[NAFEX] We're going to plant fruit trees in everycitystreet

Spidra Webster spidra at speakeasy.net
Sun Sep 24 21:27:24 EDT 2006

On Sep 24, 2006, at 6:13 PM, Mark or Helen Angermayer wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> I'm not sure the apples would be fit to eat.  People that won't pick 
> their
> apples are probably not going to spray them.  And around here if no 
> pest
> control is practiced, the apples look very rough with a very high 
> percentage
> of codling moth damage.

Last week I went to a "pick your own" place that does no spraying.  
Looks like they don't do that much else, either.  Some of the apples I 
picked had damage from one thing or another (I'm not yet skilled at 
identifying pests), but I ate around it.  And not only am I well-to-do 
compared to the homeless, I paid 50 cents a pound (which was a 
bargain).  They tasted a lot better than supermarket apples.  In fact, 
you'd be hard-pressed to find a decent Pippin in supermarkets around 
here.  And the "pie plate" Gravensteins they had were marvelous.

People are conditioned to the unrealistic expectations of spotless 
fruit and so commercial agriculture has selected for shipping qualities 
as well as things that stop any blemishes.  Heck, even russeting is 
considered a blemish to some people.  But when the public actually gets 
a taste of a real apple, they soon realize it's worth it to re-examine 
their idea of a "ideal fruit".  Folks who are hungry and truly 
desperate don't turn their nose up at good fruit.

Spidra Webster

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