[NAFEX] We're going to plant fruit trees in everycitystreet

Mark or Helen Angermayer hangermayer at isp.com
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Hi Scott,

I'm not sure the apples would be fit to eat.  People that won't pick their
apples are probably not going to spray them.  And around here if no pest
control is practiced, the apples look very rough with a very high percentage
of codling moth damage.

Perhaps something like pawpaw would do better for "public fruit trees" in
areas of higher insect pressure.


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If there good is fruit just going to waste why not contact a local charity
and see if they would be able to pick and use it?

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Hi Sam,

I like the idea.  It seems such a waste not to let some of that urban ground
produce.  But you're right there will be problems to work through.  Around
here there are lots of apple trees that aren't picked at all.  I guess fruit
is just too cheap and convenient at the store.  I like the idea of more
fruit trees around, especially in needy areas, but I'm afraid if more apple
trees were planted around here, it would just mean more fruit to rot on the
ground.  But I bet it would be different in a more urban area.

Mark Angermayer
Zone 5 Kansas

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