[NAFEX] [SPAM] Early winter?

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Sat Sep 23 00:09:07 EDT 2006

"What do you folks think?  Early winter this year or not?"

Alan,  I'm a little surprised to hear that you all got so cool so early, as 
it should have gone though Tennessee first.  We did get down close to 45 one 
night, that must be the wave that went on down to you.  In the drought in 
the southeast in the 1980's the jet stream did a lot of weaving about and 
there were no cloudy nights to hold in heat or water in the area to mitigate 
temperature changes.  The droughty conditions hold, but I don't regularly 
see a jetstream map anymore.  Is it snaking up and down much?  In the 80's 
it would be down in the west and up in the east, so it would get very warm 
in the east for weeks on end.  Then suddenly it would flip and an "Alberta 
Clipper" would roar down on the jet stream and freeze our peach buds and 
Florida's citrus.    Donna 

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