[NAFEX] Morel Mushrooms

Donna &/or Kieran holycow at cookeville.com
Fri Sep 22 23:53:12 EDT 2006

I dunno Jim,  I think they taste stronger than most other mushrooms, in fact 
I'm not too sure I like them, but have eaten so few that it'll take a few 
more exposures before I can decide.  We have some Lactarius that come up 
around our place that are probably my absolutely favorites.  Hmmm... I guess 
the fact that I never picked a single wild mushroom at our place is one more 
sign of just how dry it's been this year.  I happened to drove through an 
area a few weeks ago where it had rained several days running (across the 
river from us who apparently have done something to deserve the wrath of 
God) and could not resist stopping and picking from several fairy rings of 
Agaricus in front lawns.       Donna 

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