[NAFEX] The Macintosh clan

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Fri Sep 22 11:47:30 EDT 2006

 In addition to the Fluffy's list of macintosh clan, I would add that what we 
call "macintosh" isn't macintosh at all, but "Marshall Macintosh" as the 
original macintosh can be tasted only rarely in vintage collections.  The last 
orchard had one closed two years ago.  the original ripe was covered with a dust, 
like a blue grape is covered with dust.  The apple was large, September 
somewhat early if I recall correctly, it had a dark red color and sort of a grape 
taste, very sweet and rather soft.   It was said to be susceptible to all apple 
diseases and pests, and probably didn't keep well. I would prefer to hear the 
present day macintoshes referred to as "marshall macintoshes'' if they aren't 
marshalls then they are of that quality class. 

I would guess the Cortland may be a descendent of the true Macintosh rather 
than the Marshall.
Charlie Paradise, Massachusetts
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