[NAFEX] We're going to plant fruit trees in every city street! (Glasgow Evening Times)

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Thu Sep 21 11:42:22 EDT 2006

Here's an interesting story and it's not the first one I've seen about
making fruit trees part of the "urban forest."  I've seen some about
similar efforts in U.S. cities.  The whole idea is to either (a) educate
young people about where fruit comes from or (b) to provide a source of
fruit that could be harvested for people who ordinarily could not afford

It begs a number of questions, however:
*	Are city foresters or property owners willing to spray to
contain pests (if this is necessary)?
*	Are the locals, like Americans, too fixated on picture-perfect
fruit to find naturally grown fruit acceptable?
*	Are property owners and their neighbors willing to put up with
the mess that falling fruit may present?
*	Is the city or property owner protected if someone were to fall
out of a tree or get hurt some other way picking the fruit?
*	Should only species that produce damage-free or little-damaged
fruit without spraying be planted?

We're going to plant fruit trees in every city street!
<http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/5057292.shtml> 	Glasgow
(Scotland) Evening Times
AN ambitious plan to plant a fruit tree in almost every street in
Glasgow has been unveiled. This winter 1000 fruit trees will be ...
Idea bears fruit as pupils challenged to plant 1000 trees
<http://www.theherald.co.uk/70360.shtml> 		The Herald, UK -
Sep 19, 2006
A group of schoolchildren yesterday set in motion a challenge to fellow
pupils throughout Glasgow to plant 1000 fruit trees in the city this
winter. ...

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