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It is I,the fluffy one...

In the past, in this forum, I have mentioned a peach in my possession.  Its identity is unknown.  I bought what I thought was a Reliance peach, but as the ever lovable Edwardo Fackler pointed out, since it tasted so good, it could  not possibly be Reliance - LOL!!!!

At any rate here are some characteristics:

Susceptible to peach leaf curl, although it is not a "problem-problem".  
Very, very late yellow peach.  I am outside of Chicago in a 5a-4b zone and the darn things are just starting to ripen.  Harvest can be over a fairly lengthy period of time.  Harvested hard they are sweet-tart, firm flesh, and make a good pie.  Left till medium hard they are lightly sweet, flavorful, with a strong peach flavor.  Left to tree ripen they are so unbelievably sweet, peach scented, and juicy they are almost overwhelming(the ants love to invade them), and at that point they are nothing short of heaven.  However that degree of ripeness comes mid to late October, even November here.  They hang very well on the tree, and unfortunately the fruit sometimes hugs the branch.

The size is impressive.  They are about 3 1/2 - 4 inches in length when gauged against a ruler and this year about 13 inches in diameter.   The tree is a very vigorous grower, I have never fertilized it once in 11 years.  It puts on 5-9 feet of annual growth (I cut it to chest level and it normally is in the power lines by fall.  It is a pretty peach.   Light yellow, with a pink to splotchy red blush.

I mention all this, simply because I am considering yanking the tree.  I love the fruit but I have a 80 x 120 lot.  My wife wants me to keep the tree, but on a couple of years we have gotten frosted out before harvest, or early cold simply prevented the fruit from flavoring up.   I feel bad about this, as the tree has been good to me, but I also have Nectar, Contender, and Belle of Georgia in the nursery area and want the space.

So basically, if anyone wants a piece of dormant scion wood for next spring let me know.  

the fluffy bunny

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