[NAFEX] 2007 NAFEX Annual Meeting.

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Tue Sep 19 16:48:58 EDT 2006

Mark your calendars.

The 2007 annual meeting of NAFEX will be Aug. 22 thru 24. Location, Clemson, 
SC, Dr. Greg Reighard, is our local host. 

Below is part of an e/m from Greg and what he is working on, but not 
confirmed. Ed Fackler and Richard Moyer are also lining up speakers as well as those 
answering the call for presentations. If you have a presentation that would 
benifit members, contact Ed Fackler  ed.fackler at gmail.com  or Ethan Natelson at 
natelson at pipeline.com.  


Dr. Dick Okie (USDA at Byron, GA)  New plum and peach cultivars.  
Possibly southern apricot selections.
Dr. Steve McArtney, NCSU  Southern apple culitvars and some cultivars 
for on hand for tasting.
Dr. Desmond Layne, Clemson University  Peach cultivars, some on hand 
for tasting,  Maybe pawpaw talk.
Dr. Dan Horton, University of Georgia  Tree and small fruit insects.
Dr. Simon Scott  Clemson University  Tree and small fruit viruses and 
Dr. Guido Schnabel  Clemson University   Tree fruit and strawberry 
Dr. Vance Baird  Clemson University   Transgenic fruits, safety and 
Dr. Greg Reighard  Clemson University  Select a talk on any of the 
following: peach rootstocks, bloom delay, and thinning, apple 
rootstocks, Asian and P. communis culitvars, persimmons, pawpaws, 
cherry rootstocks

Other possible talks:

Dr. Mike Hood  Clemson University   Talk on bees for pollination. 
(speaker not confirmed yet)
Dr. Aubrey Coffee  Clemson University   Talk on fruit products and 
nutrition. (speaker not confirmed yet)
Dr. Jim Ballington NCSU  Small fruit breeding and cultivars.  (speaker 
not confirmed yet)
Dr. Dave Lockwood  University of Tennessee  Muscadine and grape 
cultivars for southern wine production. (speaker not confirmed yet)

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