[NAFEX] Puffballs

Doc Lisenby longdistshtr at shtc.net
Tue Sep 19 10:19:36 EDT 2006

The term "Puffballs" is like the term "Men" (or "Women").  It doesn't mean 
much unless you qualify which "puffball" you mean.  There are at least 
twenty mushrooms which are called "puffballs".  The Lycoperdales family 
includes several geni which are delicious but some aren't very good and some 
will make some people ill.  Some poisonous mushroom "buttons" look similar 
to edible puffballs. There are "false" and "stemmed" puffballs also.
It is advisable that you eat the ones which you can identify positively as 
being good to eat by having eaten them previously or someone has eaten them 
and recommended them.  None of the ones I have eaten smell bad while being 
cooked.  Heaven forbid that you mistake a mushroom of the Amanita family for 
a "puffball" even tho' that is practically impossible.  I don't experiment 
with unknown puffballs and have probably missed some delicious ones by doing 
so.  It is a good idea to allow someone to show you which ones are good. 
Some of them are quite a treat for the palate. Others depend on an 
individual's taste to qualify whether  they are good or not. My personal 
choice is Calvatia gigantea with Calvatia sculpta and subsculpta as close 
Doc Lisenby 

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