[NAFEX] Gingko Seeds?

Geoffrey Tolle Gtolle0709 at wowway.com
Mon Sep 18 17:07:12 EDT 2006

I've roasted and eaten them and they've tasted fairly good. They have a 
taste and texture that is meat-like - sideways, sort of. The seeds can 
be medicinal though not as medicinal as the leaves. The seeds can be 
toxic (gingkolic acids) so no more than 5 or 6 seeds per day is 
recommended. The trick is to get the flesh off the outside of the seeds 
without hurting yourself. Anyone found a good technique?

                                                 Geoffrey Tolle

Spidra Webster wrote:

>The person in this Craig's List ad says their family uses gingko seeds 
>for soup.  Does anyone know whether this would be for medicinal 
>purposes or would it actually taste good?
>Spidra Webster

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