[NAFEX] propagating apricots.

John Smith friendly27sw at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 13:15:11 EDT 2006

What I've done is just dry them after the fruit ripen,
store dry in a cool spot, then spade up a row in the
garden late fall, plant a couple inches deep and they
come up in the spring.  You avoid a lot of bother and
don't have the transplant problems. It's worked great
for me with peaches, and apricots, but had fairly poor
germination on some plums.
Central MO zone 5
--- Matt Demmon <mdemmon at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is my second year growing apricots from seed,
> and I thought I'd
> see if anyone had any thoughts. I'm in zone 5, so it
> seems like they
> might not do that well outside over the winter, and
> I don't see many
> or any apricot seedlings around the trees I collect
> from. Last year I
> collected them as soon as the apricots started
> dropping in july, and
> stratified them in the fridge right away. The
> problem was that they
> sprouted in the fridge in about november, which was
> way too early,
> since I don't have a greenhouse to put them in. I
> got them into pots
> in a warm spot about mid-march, and they did all
> right, but by that
> time they had 3-4 inch long roots with much
> branching and some had
> died or were damaged a lot in transplanting. So I'd
> like to delay
> germination, and am wondering if anyone has
> experience with the proper
> sequence of storage. My thought has been to put them
> in plastic bag to
> keep them from drying out totally, and just keep it
> at room
> temperature until midwinter, and then put them in
> the fridge to
> stratify them. I also thought about just freezing
> them and then
> putting them in the fridge later to germinate. Any
> thoughts?
> matt, zone 5 michigan
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> -matt
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