[NAFEX] Inexpensive wax toilet ring gaskets

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 12:21:31 EDT 2006

Have you tried rubber electrician's splicing tape?  Excellent tool, very good
results, no wax nor sealer needed.

--- Ray Kaminski <> wrote:

> Lucky, you said use of toilet ring gasket wax was a choice, however 
> two years ago I used it on 14 grafts with bad results.   Easy to put 
> on and looked good but within a week the scions started to turn black 
> and died.   Used it on both cleft and  whip and tongue grafts.  Zero 
> take and as a rule I have had close to 100 per cent take using 
> grafting compound or the yellow sealant.  Has anyone else had good 
> results ?. NE Wisconsin Zone 4-5 Ray
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