[NAFEX] Third world grafting book

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Tue Sep 5 22:13:58 EDT 2006

mmlanmon wrote:

> Jacquelyn – Mark Lanmon here.  I’m the one living near the Tibetan 
> Plateau, trying to help an ethnic mountain people get some fruit into 
> their diet.  The handbook you describe below is of great interest to me. 
>  I would like to have some help creating a “picture book” of grafting 
> instruction.  It needs to be all pictures because most of the third 
> world people who would benefit from the book will be illiterate.  It 
> needs to picture materials that third world people have available to 
> them.  In other words – no store bought stuff.  The book could even go 
> beyond grafting and show some pruning instruction and other care 
> procedures.  Fruit drying techniques would also be a good thing to 
> picture.  Does anyone in Nafex have some art skills?  Is anyone willing 
> to help make this picture book?  It could be used by many language groups.  

I am already working on this for my website.  I don't see why I couldn't
shoot some extra pictures for this (if no one has already contacted
you).  I'll have to enlist some folks to work while I shoot.  I'll get
back to you.

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