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I took a grafting class with a man who descibed his first successful  
graft.  As a boy he accidentally broke a limb off his aunt's tree.   
He 'grafted' it back on so she wouldn't notice and punish him.  It  
not only fooled her for the day, but healed.

For his second graft he swapped wood between a purple and a white  
lilac as a practical joke.  He was punished for that.

My point is that no one taught him, he just did it.  I bet grafting  
was invented hundreds of times.

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> A researcher friend says grafting mention goes as far back as the  
> ancient Greeks.
> Before that the records are fewer, but I bet older cultures knew  
> about it.  What
> amazes me is how anyone EVER figured it out!  It doesn't take much  
> observation &
> logic to learn that some cuttings root easily, but deciding to try  
> grafting is a
> bigger stretch.  Wow.
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>>> Grafting goes back thousands of years, and have been mentioned in  
>>> Romans
>>> chapter 11,
>> Hi,
>> Ancient Roman texts, preceeding the new testament of the Bible  
>> indicated
>> that grafting was ancient then....

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