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I have worked with people in the third world, the simpler the better. It's not that they are stupid it's just that anything new is a little hard to accept. Keep with things they can identify with such as manure and mud as a sealant for grafts and long hair for binding the grafts or butter and tree sap mixture for the sealant These are things that farmers work with all the time. You can always bring up other new ideas with time.
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  The wax-resin-oil or tallow mix would probably be the most universally available. However, why not use a latex-containing sap if it's available? Depending on the species of plant, if it has enough latex in it, it could dry to a tough enough coating to protect a graft.
  Clay would work if you could protect it enough to keep it from cracking off before the graft healed.
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  You will have to hank Cato (Marcus Porcius Cato) who lived 234 BC for 
  writing down those grafting instructions.

  Though I suppose we could modify them a bit with modern knowledge and 

  We often hear of engineers designing simple, reliable water pumps for 
  Africa. They often turn to older designs of the Amish and Mennonites for 

  Why an't we (NAFEX) devise a set of instructions using simple materials, 
  to produce reliable results, for under-developed areas of the world? We 
  have the experience and and know-how.


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