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Sat Sep 2 20:25:22 EDT 2006

Quoting W3cmp at aol.com:

> Hello all:
>      Woke up this morning after a fitful night of  sleep/listening
> to winds 
> and found orchard askew.  Pristine (with no  apples) on CG-10 broke
>  2" diam. 
> treated support stake at ground level  and tree snapped off at
> graft-seems like 
> CG-10 rootstock grafts are a little  brittle; several semi dwarf on
> M7 blew 
> over in clay-rich soil that turns to muck  with winds and rain (one
> tree staked 
> after Isabel went over for 2d time)-will  try to pull them up and
> stake or 
> restake them; also several dwarf apple trees  full of fruit snapped
> 2" support 
> stakes and went down but they appear  not to have snapped any
> roots.  Trees 
> with 3" support stakes (all support  stakes from Adams County
> nursery) seemed to 
> weather storm OK.  Lost no  peach trees but fruit all over ground.
>      Clay rich soil turns to muck and with wind from 
> east-northeast rocking 
> trees back and forth they finally go over.  Also  seems like M7
> trees in 
> clay-rich soild do require staking!
> Chris Patterson SE Pa. near Lancaster  

You got my rain! {laughing}

Ernesto blew through Florida and I didn't even get a full inch from


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