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Sat Sep 2 14:48:24 EDT 2006

We have  a mostly heavy rocky gravel...which is possibly worse than  
clay,,,,it won't support much more than crab grass and it wears out the tiller  FAST.
=Have found that free local wood chips can be layered on the soil and just  
left to rot over this mess and once the worms are in it they change both the 
top  layer and the under soil.   Keep the layers coming on top and you'll  
control weeds and eventually have something to grow things in.  
I've used gypsum to help the soil texture as well....I'd give that  a  try 
If your soil particles are tiny as they clay indicates why not get some  
cheap sand and mix into the garden area along with all the organic stuff you can  
lay your hands on.  If you have enough room to leave an acre or so fallow  
while doing this I think you'd find it gets better pretty fast.
Best luck..
Karl Olson
SW Connecticut where the tree rats  and birds have eaten all my  peaches and 
apples including the hard unripe ones.....
so much for home grown
Keep those bird feeders going  folks....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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