[NAFEX] Grafting in the Bible

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 11:36:17 EDT 2006

A researcher friend says grafting mention goes as far back as the ancient Greeks. 
Before that the records are fewer, but I bet older cultures knew about it.  What
amazes me is how anyone EVER figured it out!  It doesn't take much observation &
logic to learn that some cuttings root easily, but deciding to try grafting is a
bigger stretch.  Wow.

--- Thomas Olenio <> wrote:

> On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 07:38:09 -0400, Bassem Samaan <>  
> wrote:
> > Grafting goes back thousands of years, and have been mentioned in Romans
> > chapter 11,
> Hi,
> Ancient Roman texts, preceeding the new testament of the Bible indicated  
> that grafting was ancient then....

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