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Sat Sep 2 09:40:36 EDT 2006

Hello all:
     Woke up this morning after a fitful night of  sleep/listening to winds 
and found orchard askew.  Pristine (with no  apples) on CG-10 broke  2" diam. 
treated support stake at ground level  and tree snapped off at graft-seems like 
CG-10 rootstock grafts are a little  brittle; several semi dwarf on M7 blew 
over in clay-rich soil that turns to muck  with winds and rain (one tree staked 
after Isabel went over for 2d time)-will  try to pull them up and stake or 
restake them; also several dwarf apple trees  full of fruit snapped 2" support 
stakes and went down but they appear  not to have snapped any roots.  Trees 
with 3" support stakes (all support  stakes from Adams County nursery) seemed to 
weather storm OK.  Lost no  peach trees but fruit all over ground.
     Clay rich soil turns to muck and with wind from  east-northeast rocking 
trees back and forth they finally go over.  Also  seems like M7 trees in 
clay-rich soild do require staking!
Chris Patterson SE Pa. near Lancaster 
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