[NAFEX] manure,heavy soil

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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Skip, do you have veg in raised beds?  It's helpful to keep such beds
planted, with veg, annuals, or a cover crop, then till remaining green
matter under and reform the bed after each crop.  Plant the bed again
immediately.  Both the live roots and the tilled green matter help the beds'


Lon, we used gypsum when I lived in AZ - thanks for the explanation of how
it worked.  Here, we tend to use peat to fluff up the soil.  My soil here is
so bad maybe a combination would help.  I've been tilling and amending, and
nothing's cropped for the first two years.  Some of the first beds are
beginning to look decent, so maybe next spring.







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Manure won't do a lot, but organic matter will help, though your best
results will be using it as mulch. Soil microflora and fauna will take it
into the soil and their channels will will open the soil. It may take a
while, though, depending on the state of the soil. A quick fix (for a while)
is a heavy application of lime. Calcium makes the clay particles flocculate
(clump up) and helps open the soil. 
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On Sep 1, 2006, at 6:47 PM, jerry sietsema wrote:

Greetings,Anyone have ideas on helping heavy soils drain better with manure
applications?I have tiling 40 feet apart on heavy clay soil.My trees are
still slowly dying.In the summer the ground gets like concrete and when it
is wet the tractor gets stuck.I have my rows on raised beds but they seem to
level out after about 5 years.I do some sub-soiling also.Will the manure
help break apart the clay particles and allow more drainage?I think my %
organic is o.k. but I see alot of red clay showing thru in several spots.It
is hard to move the tiling over  once it is buried.          thanks ,skip s
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