[NAFEX] grafting skill for pawpaw vs. two trees in a hole

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Fri Sep 1 06:28:01 EDT 2006

I diffenitly agree that grafting pawpaw is easily done. I had great
success with grafting pawpaws, I was able to graft into a 1 year old
rootstock with no problem. I was planning to give away 2 trees to a
family member who have limited space, and they have no idea what grafting

I'm also wondering if grafting pawpaws on Dwarf pawpaw rootstock, will
bring the pawpaw to bear earlier, and will limit the size of the tree.
Have anyone tried Dwarf Pawpaw as a rootstock?

Can't wait for Pawpaw season, I'll be going on a pawpaw tour here in Pa
towards the end of september. I hope they'll be ripe by then.


Zone 6, Eastern Pa

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  Bass,Am writing from the NAFEX meeting in Lexington.Another NAFEXer
  here confirmed today that pawpaw is about the easiest thing we
  graft.  It's a great wood to try on, to learn on.  Very supple wood
  is forgiving, and therefore pretty easy to get a good cambium match.
  If concerned about two trees being a crowd, I'd suggest this is a
  good time to convert that concern in to the millenia-old skill of
  grafting. Lee Reich notes that his hort professor taught that "any
  fool can graft", so that encouraged me to plunge in, give it a try,
  and be willing to learn from my failures. Richard Moyer
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