[NAFEX] Seed Germination

tanis grif tanisgrif at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 30 12:25:47 EST 2006

Interesting.  But I'm finding again & again that the major bottle-neck is
temperature.  Most things have a preferred temp., and if the temp is wrong then you
have a struggle on your hands.

--- Jim Fruth wrote:

>     Some time ago, the local Orchid Society was having trouble germinating
> seed and I told them that I soak my seed in tannic acid - made sense to me
> because orchid seed germinates on tree bark and the bark of many trees
> contains tannic acid.  I use that same technique when germinating other
> difficult-to-sprout seed.  I had to play with germinating times though: for
> example, if parsley seed is soaked in tannic acid for longer than 12 hours,
> the chances of it germinating at all decreases.
>     Alot of seed have an endocarp coating that must be removed before it
> will germinate.  Mold removes that coating from tomato, et. al. seed.
>     Then for seed that has dried for too long a time, a 24 hour soak in 5%
> bleach solution can facilitate germination.  The bleach soak is recommended
> by Corvallis Germplasm Repository for some of the seeds they have been
> holding.

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