[NAFEX] seed germination temperatures

Hal Love lovehd at comcast.net
Tue Mar 28 17:15:33 EST 2006

I have also found clove currants very easy to germinate. I have had extreme
difficulty with gooseberries. I tried 5 months cold stratification,
alternating warm and cool temps, etc., but only one seed germinated out of
about 100 so far. Anyone have any tips?

zn 6b TN

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> Last fall I planted trays of fruit seeds.  Amelanchier (Timm, Success
> offspring or similar), pear (bartletts & OP crosses), black cherry, clove
> currant, and several apples.  The area I stored them didn't get more than
> week of freezing, and went above 40 F only once thru winter.  When I
> inspected them, the clove current was mostly an inch tall, and some of the
> apples were starting.
> I recall reading somewhere that Ribes are difficult to germinate.  Maybe a
> cooler temperature is called for.

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