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Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Fri Mar 24 17:48:20 EST 2006

Dear FruitBusters;

Do any of you have any first hand, real world experience with Entomosporium Leaf / Berry Spot? ...
Especially with Amelanchier Alnifolia (Juenberry) ??

I downloaded this great article off the web:
"Efficacy of Fungicides for Control of Entomosporium Leaf and Berry Spot of Saskatoon"
by Ralph M. Lange  and Ronald J. Howard, both from Alberta.
Publication # D-1998-0731-03R of the American Phytopathological Society.

In there, they compare various fungicides with various application techniques.
One product in particular, Chlorothalonil, seemed to work well.
It is also the only one of the bunch I could easily find at the store.
Ortho Garden Disease Spray or some close name.

I have a ton of Smoky plants that went in last year in zone 4 Maine.
They all caught some kind of crud, it appeared.
Last week when I was up there, the ground was too frozen to dig up a plant to check for Wooly Apple Aphids.
They're a possible cause, but entomo is more likely.
Most of the plants are still green under the bark, and dormant but alive.

Anybody had a similar battle?

Richard Murphy

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