[NAFEX] Rootstock Information Gap

sherwindu sherwindu at comcast.net
Thu Mar 16 00:36:28 EST 2006

  Keep the faith Ginda.  I wish I had a dollar for every case I know of
where a tree turned out to be a full size instead of a dwarf.  As far as
catalogs, the last thing we want to do is confuse the customer with
important information like the rootstock type.  They are insulting our
intelligence if they think we believe that all dwarfing rootstock is the
same.  Maybe we should stimulate a people to check out the difference
between an M27 and an M26 rootstock.  From what I am hearing, Starks
label rootstock types for Nurseries and commercial growers.  Why can't
they do the same for their retail products?  Car manufacturers list a
more technical data in their sales brochures, and it's the customer's
option to check it out, or not.

  There are still a few decent suppliers out there, like Raintree and
Cummins who recognize the importance of such information.  Comparing
Starks to Home Depot is like comparing apples to oranges.  No one should
expect any expertise from a store that does not specialize in plants and
trees.  However, if trees were properly labeled, it would be a lot safer
to buy products from the builder stores.

                                       Sherwin Dubren

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