[NAFEX] Rootstock Information Gap

Heron Breen breen at fedcoseeds.com
Wed Mar 15 23:17:01 EST 2006

Calling Stark's customer service can get you the rootstock info, but I had a blah 
experience last year with Stark's unrelated to rootstock: they shipped my trees 
with the trees and small lump of damp shredded newspaper on the TOPS not roots. So 
I had them ship me replacement trees because 2 of the ones I got looked iffy after 
their long UPS ride in May. Again, the same "wrapping" technique. I called again to 
encourage better communication between the right and left hands, nicely. When I 
called to give them a headsup, I was informed that this was standard practice by 
the shipping dept. As long as something moist was somewhere in the plastic bag, the 
roots were okay, they said. I disagree on the principle and practice, but most of 
the trees survived, so maybe 100 years of experience shows me one better? I may 
order from them again, I may not. I thought I'd check them out after their 
restructuring. I ordered from the home sales dept, not commercial sales, which the 
rep swore was more concerned with shipping and handling. I believe her or they 
wouldn't have any business. But their customer service was excellent and patient. 
Heron Breen
zone 4, Maine 

On Wed Mar 15 20:57 , sherwindu <sherwindu at comcast.net> sent:

>  The reference for Starks you give is only meaningful for commercial
>growers ordering dozens of trees, not backyard hobbyists like myself.
>Even if I were a commercial grower, only the apples seem to have
>specifications.  The other fruits do not indicate anything about
>rootstocks.  If you order out of Starks retail catalog, you will also
>have little if any information about rootstocks, and less assurance that
>will be getting something they claim.
>               Sherwin D.
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