[NAFEX] Nursery site advice?

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Wed Mar 15 22:57:05 EST 2006

Heron--  Plenty of other things to worry about!  Like what kind of vehicle will you
use for hauling plant material in, and the dug trees out again, and tools, and
water, and deer protection...  I don't think the effect (IF ANY) of slope on trees'
internal structure will warrent any consideration after these other problems. 

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> Hello All,
> In my continuing start-up nursery business quest, I have run into a site 
> issue:
> Slope. Two of the fields I am considering for woody stock have a little more 
> than slight slopes. This is not a question about drainage etc, but about wood
> physiology....
> ... so does this formation, creating a twisting, spiraling center of gravity which
every tree has naturally. I am wondering if I will be altering for all future growth
of the woody stock the orientation of the woody internal structure by growing on a
sloped field. I also wonder about root formation and the uphill attachment versus
the downhill bracing. Maybe I am concerned too deeply about trees which will only be
grown in these conditions for 2-3 years? The future customer planting site will
correct and alter any nursery established fiber weight distribution and rooting?
> Looking for Feedback from growers and potential customers,
> The Worry Wart
> Heron Breen
> zone 4, Maine

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