[NAFEX] Rootstock Information Gap

Dennis Norton dmnorton at royaloakfarmorchard.com
Wed Mar 15 12:31:40 EST 2006

We order our trees by rootstock number and every tree we have ever received 
from Stark Bros. has been tagged with 2 tags, one for rootstock and one for 
variety.  Sorry others have had a bad time with Stark.

Dennis Norton
Royal Oak Farm Orchard
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> Ribes,
>  I think you are clouding the issue unnecessarily.  Of course there is
> no exactitude in
> the projected size of a dwarf tree, but there are certain guidelines
> that have meaning.
> These variations are no reason to not utilize a dwarfing rootstock.
>  I think the worst offenders are companies like Starks, who indeed make
> their own trees, but
> are too sloppy in their production methods to keep track of these
> rootstocks.  There is no
> excuse for not labeling a tree for a particular rootstock.
>  I too have made my own trees and also did bud and cleft grafting
> directly onto my trees, but
> that is not always possible.  There are certain time constraints and
> other factors which make
> it more expedient to buy a ready made tree.  There are a few companies
> left that can be
> trusted to give you what you expect, but they are becoming far and few
> between.
>  I have enough to do in taking care of my trees and protecting the
> fruit to add additional
> burdens of pruning to keep a tree down to size.  I will prune to keep a
> tree healthy or keep
> nuisance branches out of the way, but why buy a tree when you know in
> advance it will give you
> a lot of extra work to maintain?
>  I guess I was expecting some Nafex members to come up with information
> on newer dwarfing rootstocks
> that they have either tried, or know of as working well in some
> experimental orchards.  I'm not
> going to buy a full size tree for the reasons already stated.  If and
> when I can get a hold of
> the right rootstock, I will try and make my own tree.  There is no
> guarantee it will take, so it
> may be several years before I get what I want.
>                                        Sherwin Dubren

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