[NAFEX] Pitmaston, virus

rmelrose at silicondairy.net rmelrose at silicondairy.net
Fri Mar 10 15:24:08 EST 2006

Mine has not had any symptoms like that, the leaves look fine. It is very
upright -- so it has been difficult to persuade it to grow a reasonable
scaffold -- and slow growing. Since I do not have much experience with
MM106 (and I doubt that it is really hardy here in zone 4, perilously close
to the edge of 3) I had vaguely assumed that that was why it was so
backward. On the other hand, I have a Lord's Seedling on M26 not far away
that has been slow too and it may be that the soil is poor, although pears
are doing pretty well only 50 feet further on. Of course there are those
who contend that dwarfing rootstocks are a bad idea in this sort of
climate, in any case I will try feeding it a bit this coming Spring. I only
got it on MM106 because that was all Southmeadow had at the time.


On 10 Mar, Lon J. Rombough wrote:
> It had at least two kinds of yellows symptoms - blotches (like apple 
> mosaic) and spots, and wood that strongly suggested a stem pitting 
> virus.  I didn't leave it long enough to try to do specific virus 
> identifications.  It was also slow growing, but that could have been 
> from the other viruses.  It was the sickest looking thing I've ever 
> gotten from any nursery.
> -Lon Rombough
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> On Mar 10, 2006, at 10:02 AM, rmelrose at silicondairy.net wrote:
> That is interesting Lon. I have Pitmaston growing here in Vermont 
> (rather
> slowly, it is on MM106 and from Southmeadow too). What do you take as 
> clear
> signs of virus infection? May slow growth is one sign? Mine has been in 
> the
> ground for nearly 9 years and is still pretty weedy looking. It did 
> manage
> a couple of flowers last year.
> So, yes, I do have some scionwood Steve -- send me an address and I will
> send some to you (if you still want it ...).
> Richard
> rmelrose at silicondairy dot net

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