[NAFEX] Spam Alert: minor tree fruits in the Midwest

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Wed Mar 8 16:13:17 EST 2006

I live on the WI-IL border in Zone 4b, in an area that is probably similar to where you are.  I planted a dwarf shipova last spring that I purchased from One Green Place.  The dwarfing stock is supposed to make shipova bear earlier than the usual 6 to 8 years.  The tree has come through the winter in great shape and its buds are plump with promise.  The tree grew mere inches during the hot, dry summer, but it seemed to establish a decent root system.  Had no disease problems; sprayed the tree several times with neem seed oil.  The tree is planted on a steep, west-facing moraine between a miniature pear (Le Nain Vert) and a Compact Stella cherry.  Those trees and four dwarf apples have thrived at that location.  Sorry that I have no other information to share.  I am curious about shipova and jujubes for our area, too.
Doreen Howard
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