[NAFEX] "Persimmons for Everyone"

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
Fri Mar 3 16:00:58 EST 2006

You might want to update Acrobat.  I'm using version 7.0.7 - version 4 may
just be too outdated.

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Hi, just a quick question.  

I ordered the NAFEX book "Persimmons for
Everyone" as a Adobe Acrobat file on CD-ROM and
it doesn't display on my computer.  I have
Acrobat reader 4 and all other Acrobat files work
for me.  I called the guy selling them and he
sent me another one and it was the same problem. 
Out of about 160 pages that are supposed to
display only about 5 show up.  I get an error
message when I open it also.  I'm thinking that
it works fine on the creators system because it
is displaying files that are on his system but
when he created the final file that he forgot to
include most of the files in his final save?

Has anyone else had this problem?

zone 5a, IL

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